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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome to "GiveMeTheSkinny"!

Hello to all of my lovely followers! (:

So you're probably wondering what's behind the name right? Well, It's a weight loss blog. I'm hoping to get a bunch of followers--whether you're healthy, inbetween, obese, or morbidly obese!

Weight loss is a touchy subject for some people, but not for me. I'm over it! I'm done being "the fat one" in the group.

How about going clothes shopping? Either you get the tight jeans and bare the "muffin top" and just want to huff and puff and go home, or you get the looser jeans to avoid the muffin top and then you just don't feel sexy at all! It's a lose/lose situation!

Ladies--Do you strive to be feminine dispite your big shoulders and "big" body parts? How about crossing your legs? Do you have to sit sideways to get them crossed?

All of these little things are taken for granted by those who don't have to worry about it! You'd never know how many complications come from being over-weight.

Okay, looking past all of the shallow reasons.. How about your health?! Can you walk long distances without getting tired? Do you throw a temper tantrum at the thought of doing physical activity? Can you jog, run? Have any kids? Can you keep up with them? Take them to the park? Have breathing problems? Do you get enough sleep at night? Do you go out on the weekends and enjoy yourself?

Are you truely living?! I could go on forever! The reasons to get fit and stay fit are great and so rewarding.

I hope to motivate anyone out there that's reading this to do better. Get up America and get active! Please don't say "I can't do it" because you CAN! Every single person is capable. In my opinion it's part mind trick. So you want the chocolate cake, but do you need it? What will you have gained by eating it--besides weight?! NOTHING! Think about it before you eat it. This simple mind trick has helped me tremendously when I am craving junk! Instead I'll opt for a healthy snack! It is not as hard as it seems!

So, I've JUST started my weight loss journey and I'm putting it out here for anyone who's interested or anyone who needs the motivation! I'll be weighing in on each Friday of each week. I'll also be posting pictures to show my progress. If anyone else is interested in starting their journey, or even if you want to watch(I reccomend you start today!) follow me! We can help motivate eachother.

My best advice is- Dont make excuses! No matter how tired or lazy you may feel GET UP! GET ACTIVE! Once you're done exercising you'll be so much happier and feel very accomplished! If you slip up and eat more than you're supposed to or can't resist an urge---it's not the end, just pick yourself up and keep going. Don't stop. Let's drop the crash diets and adapt healthy lifestyles!

What's my plan?
*I walk with a walking buddy 4.5 miles a day-during this walk we alternate between jogging and walking. Uphill and downhill, on concrete and grass. The routine is challenging and constantly changing so it's a nice sweaty work out! We walk two days and the third day we take off, so averages about 5-6 days a week*

Breakfast - 400 calories
Snack - 200 calories
Lunch- 300 calories
Snack-100 calories
Dinner- 400 calories
No eating past 7 PM.

The calorie intake is give and take depending on what I am eating but that is a general idea. Not to exceed 1400 calories per day.

So, I've been sticking to my healthy eating and exercise religiously and I can FEEL the difference! You just feel so much lighter and better than if you were eating junk and fast food. Your mood brightens and you're just a much happier person--That's my experience!

So here's my stat's;

Okay, so the before image is a bit sugar coated because like most women, I carry a lot of my fat on my belly! and my thighs are much thicker! But you get the idea!


I'll be adding before and after pics of my actual self once i begin to physically SEE changes, until then I'll just be giving small updates of how much weight I lose per week. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hey! Are you still on your journey? If not, get back in there! And if so, Great job! Hope all is going well!

    Best of luck from a fellow fat fighting friend!